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With the cold weather hitting us hard, and snow gracing many of our rooftops, it’s a good idea to keep a close eye on roof tiles to spot any signs of damage from the elements before they become a real problem. Cracked or missing roof tiles can cause water to seep through into your attic space, causing damp and unnecessary repair work. As expert roofers in Burnley and the surrounding areas, we’re on hand to help spot any problems you may have and carry out repair work before the problem gets out of hand.

Don’t Let Leaky Roofs Dampen your Spirit!

roof_repair_1_1Inspecting your roof on a regular basis is essential in winter. Exposed to the elements it can often take a good old battering from high winds, rain and even snow. Keep a watchful eye out for crooked or discoloured tiles to spot the first signs of damage. Loose tiles will normally slip down and will expose a surface that is a different colour to the rest. Make sure you clean your gutters out to ensure water can be efficiently washed away from your home and watch the ridge line – if it dips up and down, it could be a sign of aging. ‘Zig zag’ patterns, tiles not sitting correctly and a slope towards the centre are also indicative of damage and should be addressed by professional roofers in Burnley, such as MHD, as soon as possible.

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While inspecting your roof is a good step towards noticing any problems, it’s important to remember that leaks may not always be visible from the outside. Make sure you check your loft space periodically and check for damp patches on the ceilings and walls. Even if you notice the smallest patch – make sure it is checked out before it becomes a bigger problem and don’t panic! As professional roofing in Burnley, we can get the job sorted quickly and efficiently. Call us on 01282 705 017 and speak to a friendly member of our team today.