Plasterer Burnley

Plasterers Burnley, Lancashire

There’s nothing worse than moving into a new home or having a room in your house that’s not been properly plastered. It makes the house seem cold and untidy – far from the desirable place you’d like to live in. If it’s just the one room, it can often become frustrating knowing that while the rest of the house is perfect, that spare room or kitchen doesn’t follow suit. If it’s the whole house – well that’s a different story and you need an experienced plasterer in Burnley!

At MHD we are dedicated to providing outstanding service to all areas of property and maintenance and it’s no different with plastering – if something needs plastering, no matter which part of a building it is, or if it needs rendering or repairing, we will do it.

Our service is dependable and we have a great reputation, proving our ability to maintain an excellent level of plastering at all times. Whatever your requirements are, we will cater for them in the most effective way possible to achieve the best results.

Reliable and Professional Plasterers, Burnley

Our plastering services include skim coating to give walls the perfect finishing touch – the ideal texture for wallpapering and painting. We also carry out coving which provides homes with many benefits such as covering cracks and imperfections and can soften ceilings with sharp edges. We can even make older ones more aesthetically pleasing. A great bonus is that coving often adds value to a property, great for if you’re planning on moving home.

Finding an excellent and reliable plasterer is often harder than you’d imagine and, in the past, we’ve had to put right the poor jobs of many plasterers who thought simply knocking a few plaster boards together would suffice. With our work it certainly isn’t something any of our customers have ever had to worry about!

Whether you have one room or several, don’t hesitate to get in touch as a professional plasterer in Burnley – no job is too big or small. Fill in the form on the right hand side of this page or contact us on 01282 705 017 to discuss your requirements.